Are You Ready for Devil’s Third?


Devils Third LogoAfter Designer Tomonobu Itagaki created the D.O.A. series and brought back Ninja Gaiden, he became one of the designers to watch.  Well, after a long and troubled history (with outside forces), his new company Valhalla Game Studios has announced that Devil’s Third is finally coming in 2014.

Originally announced in 2010, Devil’s Third was set to be published by THQ.  Shortly after that time though, THQ began having serious financial problems due to underwhelming sales from core titles like Red Faction.  When they folded, Devil’s Third was thought to go down with them.  Well, you can’t beat the devil.  Devil’s Third is 80% done and coming in 2014.  This was announced by Itagaki himself, who went on to say:

"At the moment, it is about 80% complete, and we can about see the end of it.  However, there's still a little more polishing that needs to be done.  That's also one of the reasons I've decided to work independently.  For you fans out there, I'd like to apologize for making you worry.  We'll be going all out next year, so please look forward to it."

The game was set as a PS3 and XBOX 360 release.  No word yet if it will instead be ported over to the next gen systems.  We’ll keep you posted on that one. Hopefully this game will be worth the wait.  Not too much longer I hope.

[Source: 4Gamer]