Exclusive: First Look at Death Waltz Records’ Slumber Party Massacre, Forbidden World Vinyl! Get Free Tracks Here!


death-waltz-logoShock Till You Drop is happy to be dropping some more exclusive vinyl news from the first company I personally got addicted to and is one of the leading soundtrack distributors out there: Death Waltz Records.  This year alone, we saw the company drop on us some gorgeous presentations for John Carpenter's The Fog, the Maniac remake, New York Ripper and Assault on Precinct 13 (which was also issued on audio cassette!).

Death Waltz has now partnered with Roger Corman's New Horizons to announce two classic '80s soundtracks that are coming to vinyl/CD and digital January 2014.  The first is Ralph Jones' Slumber Party Massacre with striking art by Luke Insect.  The next is Susan Justin's Forbidden World, featuring explosive, wet art by Kimberly Holladay.

Slumber Party Massacre will feature liner notes by composer Ralph Jones as well as director Amy Jones.  Justin and director Allan Holzman have penned the liner notes for Forbidden World.  You can download a pair of FREE tracks from both scores.  

Included below, a look at the vinyl art and a few special video features.

Death Waltz Slumber Party Massacre

Death Waltz Records

Susan Justin performing Forbidden World live

Susan Justin on the Forbidden World score