Looking Back at Horror Fandom: When Studios Went Promo Button Crazy


Predator promo buttonMy history going to horror conventions goes back to when I was so young, I don't remember attending them.  Ask my father, and he'll tell you he used to carry me on his shoulders while walking around a World Horror Convention.  

Later, the two of us could be found creeping around Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors (when it used to be housed at a hotel near Penn Station in NYC – ah, the good ol' days) and the Chiller Theatre Expo.

Just after checking into these shows, there would usually be a swag table covered with mini-posters and promo buttons.  Regarding the latter, the studios would go nuts promoting their films on buttons, shipping boxes and boxes of them to convention organizers.  Naturally, being a horror fan, I'd grab them by the handful.

Now, I know some of you readers out there recall these days of horror film promotion – hell, you might own some of the buttons you see in the gallery below – but a younger generation certainly does not.  

Today, studios rely various other swag to spread the word about their titles – t-shirts, mini-posters, et al.  Buttons are nearly non-existent now.  On a recent jaunt back home to see my folks, I found a shoe box of buttons in my old collection that got me all nostalgic.  Later, I asked my father to take some pics of these promos to share with you.  You'll find them in the gallery below!

And just for kicks…  I found this Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade promo button I got a comic book convention interesting.  Clearly, they didn't have a title so they just called it "Indy III."