Surely These Reinterpreted Jason Voorhees Masks Will Make You Charitable


Jason Voorhees charity maskJason Voorhees' iconic hockey mask has been reinterpreted by a handful of artists.  The results are being auctioned off for charity on eBay.  Michigan-based pop culture, film, and television t-shirt and costume website teamed up over the summer with former and current contestants from the Syfy Channel's hit television series Face Off as well as actors from the Friday The 13th film franchise the charity fundraiser.

All proceeds are going to Toys for Tots, helping children in need during this holiday season.

Artists participating in the Jason mask charity fund-raiser are sent blank Jason hockey masks by and asked to produce a custom painted version of the mask but they are also free to re-design, sculpt over, mold or alter the original Voorhees hockey mask any way they desire.

If you like the masks you see in the gallery below – head to this eBay page and getting bidding.  So far, the auctions are running shockingly low in price.  Get those numbers up and help some kids, damn it!