Stevie Nicks to Guest Star on American Horror Story: Coven!


American Horror Story Stevie Nicks Lily RabeFleetwood Mac, moreover Stevie Nicks, has had a huge presence on American Horror Story: Coven.  Lily Rabe's character, Misty, is heavily influenced by the singer in look and vibe and it has led many fans of the series to question: When is Stevie Nicks herself going to appear on the hit FX series?

Well, our answer is here.  Sort of.  Co-creator Ryan Murphy spilled the beans via his Twitter account today when he updated with: "Guess who's visiting the Coven?  The legendary Stevie Nicks!"

Of course, that's all we have to go on right now, but this leads to even more questions like: How will Nicks even factor into the story?  Kudos to Nicks for participating in the series at all.

American Horror Story: Coven airs every Wednesday night on FX at 10pm.  Tomorrow's episode is called "The Axeman Cometh."  In it, Zoe, Queenie, and Nan make contact with a dark spirit trapped in the Academy. Cordelia’s new power brings on a heartbreaking revelation.