Wolf Creek’s Greg McLean to Produce Territorial


Greg McLean of Rogue and the Wolf Creek films has been brought in to executive produce the creature feature Territorial.

The film is currently in pre-production in Australia under the direction of Matthew Holmes.

Holmes co-scripted the film with Alex James.  And, based on the following synopsis, the film will be a period piece set against the backdrop of Australia’s colonial period.

Jim Houlden, a down-on-his-luck gold prospector, is arrested for horse-stealing and sent to Melbourne with a notorious outlaw, Charlie Burke.

When the prison coach capsizes in the mountains, Jim makes a daring escape along with Burke and two other convicted men.

They are quickly tracked by a rag-tag team of police led by the determined Sergeant Mitchell, aided by a cunning Black Tracker.  Burke ignores any warnings and leads them into a deep, narrow valley longed feared by the native tribes – a valley rumored to be the dwelling place of a “Great Evil.”

Jim now will have to find the courage to not only save himself, but a woman he has fallen for.

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