Non-Shocker: A New Generation of Movie-Goers Doesn’t Find John Carpenter’s Halloween Scary


Stuff like this bothers me.  Yahoo! Movies ran a study in which a handful of “Millennials” were exposed to John Carpenter’s Halloween and, guess what?  It didn’t necessarily hold up to them.

According to the site: “Halloween” just didn’t do it for most of our Millennial subjects in the scare department. In response to an overarching question asking to rate the film’s “scariness” on a scale of 1-10, the film registered a meager 5.4 rating. The highest single rating it got? A 7.5. The lowest, a 2.

Ah, mainstream press, how you frustrate me.  A generation isn’t frightened by a previous generation’s scary film?


Why do we care?  I’m seeing a lot of outlets pick up this story and raise a fuss.  Again, why do we care?  It’s like getting into a message room argument with someone who doesn’t like a film you do.

Also, every generation is going to have a film that scared them.  Audiences in the 1960s and 1970s are not going to be as terrified as the audiences who saw James Whale’s Frankenstein for the first time.  But they may have an appreciation of it.

The bottom line?  Like most cinema, every generation will have its movie to latch on to and it may or may not work for those of a future generation.

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