Kill List Director Boards High Rise Adaptation


In the category of, “Oh yeah, that was supposed to happen” let’s turn to High Rise, an adaptation of the J.G. Ballard novel.

Published in 1975, the story is set in a high rise where the occupants gradually divide themselves into class structures and bloody battles break out from floor to floor to gain dominance.

Nicolas Roeg almost turned it into a film in the ’70s.  Then, in 2010, Vincenzo Natali was going to direct from a script by Richard Stanley.  The rights lapsed, however, and now a new writing and directing team has come aboard and it seems like they’re actually going to get this adaptation across the finish line.

According to Screen Daily, Ben Wheatley is now directing and Amy Jump completed a script.  The two most recently collaborated on A Field in England.  And, of course, Wheatley is also known for Kill List, which Jump also penned.

Shooting will begin in 2014.

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