Comic-Con 2013 Interview: I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead – A Chat with You’re Next’s Sharni Vinson


August 23rd marks the end of a long road for everyone involved in You’re Next – that’s when the film finally hits theaters from Lionsgate – and we caught up to star Sharni Vinson at Comic-Con to talk about the journey.

In You’re Next during a family reunion getaway, the Davison family comes under a sadistic attack. When Crispian Davison (AJ Bowen) brings his new girlfriend (Vinson) along to celebrate the wedding anniversary of his parents, the family’s evening together is shattered when a gang of mysterious killers begin to hunt the family down with brutal precision.

Unfortunately for the killers, however, one of the victims harbors a secret talent for fighting back.

Shock Till You Drop:  The film is getting a very positive response from female audiences, I’m finding, and they’re really responding to your character – does that mean a lot to you?  That it’s finding that connection?

Sharni Vinson: That’s really nice to hear and it does.  Because I do associate horror with, for the majority, a male audience.  There hasn’t been, I think and because I’m a horror movie fan, a movie where I’ve come out and said, That girl was so badass and tough, a role model.  That’s what I see in this movie.  My character reacts to a situation that a lot of people wishes they would react under those circumstances.  She’s quick-thinking and smart with what she is doing.  I was drawn to the role because of the traits of the character and I think I have a lot of them instilled in me and any traits I didn’t have, I like to think I’ve adopted from her.  So, any that I can pass on to any female, my job is done.

Shock:  And what traits stood out to you?

Vinson:  She’s a normal girl.  She comes from an unusual childhood and upbringing, which I think we all feel like we have sometimes and she’s seeking normality and a life outside of that.  And she’s realizing, in a moment, where you have to pull those skills you’ve been taught, when you have to fight, you have to fight.  She’s sort of the girl that runs out of the house and then backtracks to go set a trap – she’s not the girl that runs into a closet to lock herself in and be cornered.  I think she’s an average girl next door that has these skills that are very admirable and relatable.  It’s all those sorts of things.

Shock:  How does Adam work?  How does he keep the energy high and get you prepped?

Vinson:  To be completely truthful, I take on that role personally.  Nobody tells me to do it because I am the girl that sleeps three hours at night, at the best of times.  I don’t like sleep, I don’t care for sleep, I’ll sleep when I’m dead.  I love getting involved in thing, especially in the movie-making process.  On this movie, I’m in it 96% of the movie, and in the 4% I was not, I’m there on set next to the monitor watching everything unfold because I love learning.  With the fact this was a remarkably difficult shoot as far as we shot six nights a week for five weeks, the energy thing is a good question.  I don’t think many people can do it.  I’m used to getting up to the sound and jumping into the day.  I would take gifts to set and hand them out to crew and keep the energy up for them.  I’m a high energy and silly person.

Shock:  As a horror fan, how did You’re Next speak to you…as a fan, beyond looking at the role?

Vinson:  Aside from the character, because really when I did read it, it was for the character.  Before that, I saw Adam’s other movie, A Horrible Way to Die.  AJ Bowen, Amy Seimetz and Joe Swanberg were in the film, so I was able to get a taste of the writing, the directing and the main leads who would be coming into this film.  And I spoke to Adam about what he loved, what he didn’t love and what they would do different about that movie – so I just had a very clear idea of exactly how they were going to go with this movie.

Shock:  Have the boys talked to the boys about a sequel?

Vinson:  You’re Next Next?  You’re Really Next…But Just Kidding?  It’s interesting because it’s been such a weird process of waiting for this film.  I haven’t even entertained the idea of a sequel because I’ve been hoping and praying we get this one out.  We’re finally there, let’s get this one out and if we can bring success to this movie, there’s always a possibility.

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