Del Toro Recruits Pacific Rim Pilot for The Strain


When you head into theaters to check out Pacific Rim, remember Robert Maillet’s face because you’ll be seeing him in another Guillermo del Toro-directed project: The Strain.

In Pacific Rim, he plays one of the pilots that operates the Jaeger known as Cherno Alpha.  You may have also seen him in Monster Brawl or 300.  For The Strain – Del Toro’s pilot for FX based on the film of the same name – Maillet is going to play an ancient vampire.

According to The Wrap, his character – The Master – is an “evil that has nested in secret and darkness, feasting on human suffering until now, emerging from the shadows to force a new world order.”

Corey Stoll, Kevin Durand, Mia Maestro, Richard Sammel, Lauren Lee Smith, Sean Astin, Jonathan Hyde, Miguel Gomez, and John Hurt also star in The Strain which concerns a viral outbreak of vampirism.

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