Guillermo del Toro on the Mexican Jaeger That Didn’t Make it into Pacific Rim


During a Legendary Pictures press conference was able to attend last month, director Guillermo del Toro – previewing Pacific Rim – teased that there was “Mexican Jaeger” that didn’t make a cut of the film.

As you know, the movie features Jaegers (the giant robots or “mechs”) from various countries lining the Pacific ocean.  When we caught up to Del Toro over the weekend, we had to learn more about this Jaeger.

“We had a Mexican Jaeger with two ex-convicts that got a deal.  They told them that, ‘If you drive a Jaeger one more time, we’ll give you freedom.’  But it was just too many backstories,” Del Toro said, commenting on the screenplay’s jam-packed, world-building mythology.  As it stands, the final film features a number of Jaegers and the story gives you insight into every pilot that operates them.  “When you finish the first draft of a script and it’s a 150 pages, you go, ‘Hmm, that’s not going to happen.’  Our final draft was 135 pages and our first cut of the movie was almost 3 hours.”

Should Pacific Rim get a sequel, expect that Mexican Jaeger to make an appearance.

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