NECA Unveils Deluxe Spider Gremlin Figure


After being teased at a Toy Fair many years ago, and never hitting the shelves, NECA has finally gotten permission to make the long awaited “Spider Gremlin” as seen in Gremlins 2: The New Batch. Get all of the details on the deluxe figure after the jump!

Standing 10″ tall, 15″ across, and 12″ long, the deluxe “Spider Gremlin” is the most unique and detailed Gremlin figure to date. This figure will include over 30 points of articulation including a hinged jaw, ball jointed shoulders, elbows, and wrists and of course 8 massive spider legs each articuled in 3 places. In addition the figure will include a support stand for display.

No word on pricing or a release date but the figure will be limited exclusively to one production run, so be sure to grab yours when they go on sale. Check out all the images of the Spider Gremlin below and let us know what you think!