Zombieland Series Fails to Move Forward, Director Boards Little Evil


Well, bad news for that Zombieland series that was at Amazon.  After debuting the pilot episode a few weeks back, Amazon has decided not to take it to series.  

Customers were invited to view the pilot and voice their feedback.  That feedback was going to help Amazon determine whether it should move forward with a series.  Those behind the project are welcome to take it elsewhere.  So, what does this mean for pilot director Eli Craig (Tucker and Dale Versus Evil)?  Well, he’s got his next film set up.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, he’s set to direct Little Evil based on a script he penned.

The logline is being kept under wraps, but this may be the “evil kid” tale he told us he wanted to do while Tucker and Dale was being promoted.  More on this as it comes in.

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