Shock Video: Sheri Moon Zombie & Jeffrey Daniel Phillips on The Lords of the Salem


Rob Zombie has created himself a niche audience for his distinctive brand of horror going back ten years with House of 1,000 Corpses and while his latest The Lords of Salem involves some of the same craziness we’ve come to expect from him, it’s definitely a lot more serious affair.

It stars his wife Sheri Moon Zomie as Heidi, a radio DJ in Salem, Massachusetts, who gets caught up in the plans of a local coven of witches who want to bring back their evil Dark Lords to reign chaos on those who persecuted them hundreds of years earlier.

The movie played in the Midnight section of the South by SouthWest Film Festival last month, and after sitting down for a video interview with writer/director Rob Zombie–which you can watch here – we sat down with Rob’s wife Sheri Moon Zombie and her co-star Jeffrey Daniel Phillips. You can watch the video interview after the jump.

 We spoke to them about:

  • When Rob comes to Sheri and tells her he wants her to star in his movie
  • Developing the characters for the radio station scenes
  • How Rob contacted Jeff about appearing in the movie
  • Sheri talks about applying Heidi’s tattoos every day
  • Their reactions when they first read the script (and Jeff mentions the book is based on the original script)
  • How they shot the flashbacks during Sheri’s two days off
  • Whether they were impressed by Ken Foree’s dance moves
  • What they have planned next including a few snippets about Rob’s planned next movie Broad Street Bullies
  • And more!


The Lords of Salem opens in select cities on Friday, April 19.

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