WonderCon Interview: Evil Dead’s Lou Taylor Pucci Exhibits His Fanboy Side


This weekend, audiences will most likely be screaming at the screen at one man when they go to see Evil Dead: Lou Taylor Pucci.  It’s no secret that his character opens the Book of the Dead and reads from its pages (much to the chagrin of theater-goers who will be yelling “Don’t do that!” before he actually does what they’re telling him not to do), thus setting off the bloody chain of events that unfold in the film.

Pucci, as it turns out, is a big horror fan and we got him fired up talking about the Evil Dead at WonderCon over the weekend.  

There are ever-so-slight spoilers.  Honestly, I don’t see them as such, but there are sensitive individuals out there who may take issue with the brief chat inside.  So, just covering our ass here!

Shock Till You Drop:  Good to meet you and congrats on pulling off a great flick.

Lou Taylor Pucci:  I’m excited, man.  All we had to do was follow the rules, do the right thing and be sincere about it.

Shock:  And keep it a bit grounded…just a little.  I mean, I think your character takes a hell of a beating, I don’t know if anyone could stand that…

Pucci:  That’s true.  That’s probably the most fantastic part is just how much of a beating I take, but I love it!  That’s the character I love to watch in any movie.  I always said to myself, I only want to be in films I actually want to see.  I’m a horror fan and sci-fi fan and this is the coolest thing I’ve done.

Shock:  Well, I’m a huge fan of what you did in Carriers – an underrated film I try to recommend to people.

Pucci:  Thanks, man.  Yeah, it’s a small, post-apocalyptic film that’s deep and heavy and dark.

Shock:  Did you get an accurate count of how many gallons of blood this production needed?

Pucci:  Oh my god, I think it was 50,000 gallons or something…  I’d like to say why, but I can’t.  Let’s just say there’s a lot.

Shock:  As a fan of horror, how excited were you to meet The Chin?

Pucci:  Oh, a huge fan of The Chin!  I went to my callback because I heard he was there and I wanted to meet him.  I had no expectation of getting the part and I’m usually put into more indie films, more dramas.  This time in my life, I’ve been having a lot more fun with the parts I’ve been getting and I think that’s why they cast me.  They needed somebody who would have fun with it.

Shock:  Talk about the look of your character.  It has a ’70s vibe…

Pucci:  I said I’m keeping the beard and I’m keeping the hair.  And he was like, ‘Eh, I don’t know about the beard.’  I got to have the beard.  So I beat him into it and he surrendered.

Shock:  The old school glasses are a nice touch, too.

Pucci:  That was Fede.  He wanted them to be a part of it.  My character is the professor dude who opens the book and it’s more believable.

Shock:  Let’s talk about the book and what it was made of…

Pucci:  That thing was disgusting.  I wanted to keep a page of that so bad.  The art was disgustingly good.  Whenever you see a movie that have cool books with cool graphics, I’ve always wanted to find one.  With this, I got to play with one.  It had flesh and hair and blood.  Nailed-in flesh.  The binding was scary as hell.

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