First Look at The Remaining With Alexa Vega


The Remaining was a blip on our radar not long ago when you brought you a slice of casting news.  That film is officially complete and some stills have been sent our way.

Alexa Vega leads the cast alongside Shaun Sipos, Italia Ricci, Johnny Pacar, Bryan Dechart and Liz E. Morgan star in the film directed by Casey La Scala.

The film concerns a group of close-knit friends that come together to celebrate the marriage of Skylar (Vega) and Dan (Dechart). The group is enjoying the festivities when tragedy strikes. The wedding party is besieged by a series of catastrophic events which turns the celebration into a life-and-death struggle. The young group is desperately scrambling for refuge and self-preservation while an enemy they never knew existed unleashes its wrath against those remaining alive. They must understand what is happening around them and why and find a way to survive together in a new world of death and destruction.

Filming wrapped this week for AFFIRM Films, a division of Sony.  More as it comes…

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