Video from Under the Dome Set Reveals Jeff Fahey is Back in King Territory


Actor Dean Norris (Breaking Bad) took to Twitter to post his Vine video (how social networking savvy he is!) from the set of Under the Dome, the Stephen King adaptation.  While, sure, there are images of split cows (when the dome comes down, no animal is spared) in the video, but the news here is that there’s a shot of Jeff Fahey!

Yes, it looks like the actor – who appeared in The Lawnmower Man, Lost and Psycho III – is back in King territory.  Judging by the costume, it looks like he’s a cop in this tale.  Mike Vogel, Jolene Purdy, Nicholas Strong, Britt Robertson, Aisha Hinds, Alex Koch, Natalie Martinez and Colin Ford also star.

Norris plays Big Jim Renny, the troublemaker of the novel.  Under the Dome, a 13-part series, kicks off on June 24th on CBS.  The video is inside.  You’ll find cows, burning plane wreckage, Vogel and more.

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