That Escape from New York Remake Isn’t Dead…


Remember when there was a time – this actually wasn’t too long ago, actually – when Hollywood was going to remake John Carpenter’s Escape from New York?  

Writers were put on the job.  Directors came and went.  Then it seemed like the project was just going to disappear when New Line let the rights lapse.  (I read a draft script – well, tried to – until there was a plot point that just turned me off and I tossed it in the recycling bin.)

Well, an effort to resurrect Snake Plissken has been renewed…

According to Deadline, Silver Pictures – headed up by legendary action film producer Joel Silver – along with Studio Canal is spearheading a proposed “trilogy” project.

Snake will be rebooted and the producers want to tackle the material much like Fox is presently “rebooting” Planet of the Apes, so that means they want to do an origin story.  Another phrase being bandied about: They want to do “a new take” on Snake Plissken and his adventures.

A search for a writer is underway.  More as it comes…

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