Trailer: Alex de la Iglesia’s Witching & Bitching Looks Awesome


Alex de La Iglesia’s career has been varied, but I instantly fell in love with The Last Circus when that oddity reached the U.S.  It felt like he had been creatively reinvigorated and I looked forward to what he’d do next.  Following that film, he went on to do As Luck Would Have It (which I haven’t seen yet).  This year sees the release of Witching & Bitching and we have a trailer for you inside (courtesy of RTVE).

The preview looks great.  Fueled by some aggressive music, the visuals introduce a gang of thieves who appear to pull off a public heist and then hit the road.  In their journey, however, they run into a coven of witches and then shit gets really weird.  The film opens overseas this fall; we’ll keep you posted on domestic release news.

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