American Psycho: The Musical Song Titles Revealed


Musicals take time to create and American Psycho: The Musical feels like one of those productions we’ve been reporting about for a white.  Fret not, it is coming – to London, to be more specific, sometime later this year.  (That almost seems wrong, considering Patrick Bateman prowls the streets of New York City.) 

But Duncan Shiek, the man behind the music, is hopeful it will land in the States and he spoke to Gothamist about some of the songs that will be featured.

“There’s a song where they’re in, like a Barney’s, and it’s called ‘You Are What You Wear,’ there’s a song called ‘Cards,’ and ‘I Am Clean, or just ‘Clean.’ And ‘This Is Not An Exit,’ which is probably my favorite that I’ve written, which is the last in the show,” Shiek told the outlet, adding that the soundtrack will be electronic and, “20 to 30% of the music will be what I’m referring to as cover songs, which are songs that are either referred to in the book directly, or would have been ubiquitous in that cultural moment. You know, Huey Lewis, Phil Collins…”

Even though I’m of the belief that not everything needs to be turned into a damn musical, I could get into this.  We’ll keep you posted on the London debut when more news comes in.

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