Ryan Murphy: How the American Horror Story: Asylum Finale Almost Tied into Season One


There be spoilers ahead, so if you have NOT seen the American Horror Story: Asylum finale, do not proceed…

Last week, ShockTillYouDrop.com sat in on a special screening of the American Horror Story: Asylum finale with co-creator Ryan Murphy in attendance.  After, he sat down for a Q&A.  

You can read most of the discussion about season 3 here, however, I’ve been sitting on one quote I thought was amusing that tied in to Asylum‘s finale.  And now that the season is over, now is a good time to run it.

When asked if Murphy had an itch to connect Asylum to American Horror Story season one, he shared an early idea the creative team had that did indeed bridge the two seasons.

Asylum concluded last night with the death of Dylan McDermott’s Bloody Face 2.0 aka Johnny Morgan.

Murphy explained last week, “We had a real wild hair, for a split second at the early part of [Asylum], we were going to have Dylan win the showdown [with Sarah Paulson’s Lana Winters], set it a couple of years earlier, and then change his name to Ben Harmon.  We flirted with that for like ten minutes.”

Harmon, of course, was the character McDermott played in American Horror Story season one.  Would the idea have been too over-the-top, even for the show?  Weigh in on our comment boards below!

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