That Looks Like It Hurt, the Trailer for Sylance


About 25 seconds into the trailer for Sylance – an indie horror movie with no distribution – a young woman is seen charging out of the woods until a hooded creep runs up behind her and shoves her face first into a dirt road then drags her away.  The fall this actress takes looks brutal and uncontrolled, it also looks like she could have been hurt…badly.  

Either the actors involved didn’t give a shit about getting hurt, or they didn’t have a stunt supervisor – either way, I’m writing about it, right?

As for Sylance, it looks like your typical Texas Chainsaw Massacre, crazed hillbillies in the woods tale.  Inspired, just like that poster art you see to the left which cribs from other poster designs we’ve seen before.  Check out the trailer inside.

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