David Cronenberg Talks (A Bit) About His Dead Sequel to The Fly


There was a time – and this wasn’t too long ago – when David Cronenberg scripted a remake/sequel to his ’80s film The Fly, starring Jeff Goldblum.  We broke the news on the script last year.

Fox passed on the project, however, rendering it a remake/sequel we will now never see happen.  But imagine: A David Cronenberg scripted and directed companion piece to one of the good remakes we’ve seen come along?  Wowza.

The Playlist spoke with Cronenberg about the film and what he had in mind for the story.  Head inside for the goods.

“It wasn’t really a remake, it was more of a sequel or a sidebar. It was a meditation on fly-ness. None of the same characters or anything and, of course, with an understanding of modern technology. It was something I was very pleased with and it was a disappointment not to get it made,” he said.

The thing that killed the project?  Budget, he says.  If anyone gets their hands on this script, let me know!

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