Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer Director Returns With The Harvest


John McNaughton has long been absent from the feature film scene.  He will return, however, with The Harvest, says Variety.  The film’s been listed on the IMDb for a bit, but now it looks like it’s getting some traction.  

Michael Shannon, Samantha Morton, Natasha Calis, Charlie Tahan, Leslie Lyles and Meadow Williams are set to star.  Shannon you likely know from Take Shelter or Boardwalk Empire, probably, and Calis (pictured) recently starred in The Possession.

According to Variety, The Harvest concerns a married couple with medical backgrounds and a sick son (Tahan) who lives secluded in a controlled environment until a young girl (Calis) moves in next door and gives him hope of a better life. As the teens grow closer, the tight-knit world his over-protective mother has created begins to unravel.

McNaughton mades waves in horror in the late-’80s with Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, which introduced Michael Rooker to the big screen.  He later went on to direct films like Wild Things before taking a break and focusing on television fare like Masters of Horror.

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