The Coolest Thing You’ll See Today: Vintage Horror Action Figures…Mint On Card!


Want to give someone a custom-made gift this holiday season?  Look no further than these series of faux ’80s vintage horror action figures (“mint on card”) that come in their own custom-made blister packs made by an eBay user who goes by the name “popsfartberger.”

This dude has created his own poseable figures based on Halloween, Dawn of the Dead, The Thing, Alien, My Bloody Valentine, The Evil Dead and more.  He also tackles some ’80s action titles like Cobra, Highlander and The Road Warrior.

Check out the line-up inside.

The figures are appropriately hokey, but it’s the figure combined with the detailed packaging that works.  I love ’em all to be honest.  But will you love the pricing?  

Check out Popsfartberger’s eBay store right here and see all he has to offer.  Thanks to FEARnet for pointing these out!

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