If Iron Man Was a Zombie, I Guess This is What He’d Look Like


The whole cosplay culture is an interesting thing.  Basically, fans cook up glorified Halloween costumes and parade themselves around conventions, showcasing their costume design skills and have photos taken of them.  (If you’re a cosplayer who doesn’t like your picture taken, and I’ve seen a few, then what the hell are you doing?)  It’s not my thing, but I certainly respect the effort that goes into the costumes.  

We have certainly featured a few cosplay photo galleries here at Shock when we’ve hit the convention scene and, today, we wanted to share a couple of images from one cosplayer who turned Tony Stark’s Iron Man…into a zombie.  Yes, two world of pop culture have collided into something rather impressive.

Head inside for Adam Jay‘s photos of Kyosti Kallio of the undead superhero.

Thanks to Fashionably Geek!

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