An Exclusive Clip from The Garlock Incident


The Garlock Incident, the found footage horror/thriller feature film and online interactive audience experience we first told you about back in April, will premiere at this year’s Shockfest Film Festival in Hollywood, California on November 17th.  And, in anticipation of this debut, we have an exclusive clip to share with you inside.

The team behind the film invites you to delve into the story via their interactive experience which unravels via The Families In Search of Truth page – you’ll get a taste of one of the viral videos after the jump.

According to the interactive The Families In Search of Truth pages, the viral clip is a “newly found” short video made by Casey, a character in the film who “went missing” after leaving to film an indie movie called Napoleon in Las Vegas in December of 2011.  The audience can comment on the video, guess or report as to who she is speaking to in the video and post their own videos posing as a friend, family member, or citizen concerned about the missing characters.

The Garlock Incident is currently seeking distribution.  We’ll keep you posted on release news.

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