Exclusive POV Video: ShockTillYouDrop.com Takes on the Undead in the Run for Your Lives Zombie 5k


If a zombie apocalypse were to occur, I now know that I’ll come out as a survivor.

Out of all of the events this writer participated in during the month of October, the Run For Your Lives “zombie 5k adventure race” was the most exhausting and exhilarating.  ShockTillYouDrop.com met up with the FEARnet team (check out their photo gallery) to take on the event which is a sprawling, zombie-populated obstacle course located in Temecula, California (about two hours outside of Los Angeles).

The challenge is simple: Survive the three-mile run.  How?  Each runner is given three flags which are worn around their waist.  The zombies waiting for you are out to get your flags.  The less flags you have, the less “life” you lose.  Lose all of your flags…you’re DEAD.  Oh, and there are obstacles to plow through: Barbed wire to crawl under, slides, walls to climbs, hills to tackle, water to wade through and live wires (!!!) to give you that extra jolt.

I took on the experience wearing a GoPro camera strapped around my chest and, inside, you can find highlights from my POV video.  See me plow through zombies, eat dirt and maneuver through zombie-filled mazes.  Good times!  (And if you must know, I came out the other side with one flag remaining – SURVIVOR, baby!)

And here is FEARnet’s video of the event featuring the gang.

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