NYCC Exclusive: Evil Dead Interviews with Bruce Campbell & Jane Levy


One of the more exciting “gets” by the New York Comic Con this year was to be the place where Screen Gems debuted the very first footage from their upcoming remake of Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell’s horror classic Evil Dead.

Of course we all hate remakes by this point, but this one, like Screen Gems’ Carrie (more on that later), seems to have promise that it’ll live up to the expectations of fans of the original movies as well as scare the sh*t out of those who have never seen the three previous movies released between ’81 and ’92.

While Sam Raimi still wants to make another Evil Dead movie himself, he instead decided to find some fresh blood for the remake in Uruguyan director Fede Alvarez who impressed him with a short film he made for very little money. Besides a new director, they also have a new cast, led by Jane Levy, best known for her role on ABC’s “Suburgatory,” playing Mia, one of a group of 20-somethings who go to a remote cabin in the woods where they find a Book of the Dead in the cellar that calls forth demons that possesses them. conducted exclusive interviews with producer and original star Bruce Campbell as well as the film’s new star Jane Levy on Saturday. You can watch both interviews and get a brief description of the panel and footage shown after the jump.

 First, we spoke with Bruce Campbell about:

* Why they decided to remake and reboot the franchise rather than having another movie featuring Campbell as Ash
* He talked about how Fede got the gig directing the remake
* I ask about whether there’s humor in the movie like the two “Evil Dead” sequels, but he says it’s more like the first movie
* There’s no connection, reference or mention of Ash in the movie
* How they want it to be a standalone movie
* He says the fans need to chill out because they really want to make sure it’s a good movie
* Talking about how he’d love to have a tour with the original “Evil Dead” and the new one
* He talks about gleefully passing the baton and he wouldn’t say if there are any plans for Ash right now

After that, we spoke with Jane Levy about:

* Why she wanted to do the movie and how she plays “one crazy b*tch”
* How Bruce Campbell warned her that it would be torture but that still didn’t prepare her
* How she doesn’t think about the movie as a franchise that has such a huge fanbase
* She talks about some of the crazy things she had to do for the movie
* How the director wanted to do as much practical FX as possible
* How everything she did on set was real
* She says that she barely spent much time with the rest of the cast
* She tells us that she’s yet to meet Sam Raimi even though he’d been watching and making comments on her performance from afar

And more!

Afterwards, the panel for Evil Dead was absolutely insane with Campbell really turning it up for one of the funniest panels we’ve seen at any Comic-Con. Hopefully you were able to watch it live-streaming and if you did, you got to see Campbell passing the mantle onto Levy, essentially “crowning her the new Ash.” Campbell also walked to the edge of the stage to pay a fan asking a question $5 when she complimented his work on USA’s “Burn Notice.”

Director Fede Alvarez talked about how he was developing another project with Sam Raimi via Skype when he said, “Hey Fede, do you want to remake Evil Dead for me?” and he joked that he would have been crazy to snub his nose at doing it.

After they talked a bit about the project, they showed the very first trailer, which was very dark and moved at a very fast pace, so it was hard to really suss out exactly what was going on.

Basically, it shows the young cast showing up at a cabin in the woods and seeing a trapdoor with a splotch of blood on it that leads down the cellar. One of them says that they shouldn’t have touched anything and we see a guy reading from the Book of the Dead that brings forth the demons that will possess them, and then we see the group confronted by Jane Levy as the possessed Mia who says, “You’re all going to die here.”

From there, it just gets crazy as we see blood-covered zombies, one of the women saws off her own arm with an electric carving knife, while it looks like Levy is writhing around on the floor in blood and another scene where she’s being attacked by the trees, which is one of the more obvious visual references to the original movie, as well as a brief glimpse of a chainsaw. The trailer ended with Levy slicing her tongue with a knife, which we’re pretty sure will automatically force this trailer into Red Band territory.

The footage that was cut together for the trailer looked great, but we do have to say that it’s going to be hard for this movie to have its own identity when so many people will have seen Drew Goddard’s The Cabin in the Woods, which was so clearly influenced by the original Evil Dead.

Campbell kept the entire panel fun and entertaining, talking a lot about how they know how much the fanbase cares about the franchise and that they won’t let someone make a movie that the fans won’t like, which certainly seems to be the case with the trailer they showed. Campbell also hinted that Sam Raimi still wants to make Evil Dead 4 himself despite telling us earlier that he’s gotten too old to be wielding an axe or a chainsaw.

They also talked about why they brought on Juno writer Diablo Cody to help with the dialogue, because she was more in touch with how young Americans talk then middle-aged guys like Campbell and Raimi or someone from Uruguay like Alvarez.

Evil Dead is scheduled for release on April 12, 2013, and we can’t wait for you to see this trailer for yourself!

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