Shock Interview: Drew Goddard Reflects on The Cabin in the Woods


We told you to see The Cabin in the Woods when it came out in theaters.  Did you listen?  Well, some of you did.  

If you didn’t, September 18th is your day to remedy that glaring problem you’ve got there.  That’s when Lionsgate Home Entertainment brings the film to DVD and Blu-ray jam-packed with special features.

In anticipation of this release, we spoke with co-writer and director Drew Goddard one more time.  After the jump, read our chat which touches on some of the bonus content featured on the disc, the creatures of Cabin in the Woods and Goddard’s thoughts on the Marvel cinematic universe now that Cabin‘s co-writer/producer, Joss Whedon, has committed to superheroes for the next few years.

Shock Till You Drop:  This Blu-ray has a ton of goodies – do you have a favorite featurette you’d like to pimp out?

Drew Goddard:  It’s fun for me to watch the making-of documentary because we made this a while ago and I’ve forgotten a lot of this stuff and it’s fun to watch the chaos unfold.  The making of the movie was almost as insane as the film itself because it was a guerilla filmmaking endeavor.  It’s fun to see us on set figuring things out.  It was funny to see us on the DVD in a shot where we’re standing in that lobby sequence and we’re spraying blood everywhere and trying to figure out how to drop guts from the ceiling.  It’s so inelegant but it’s fun for horror fans to see the FX guys do their thing.

Shock:  The creature featurette is pretty great because you get to see what you might have missed…

Goddard:  It makes me sad that Dave Anderson’s work cannot be fully appreciated in a film because a lot of it flies by.  We had to keep the story movie, but Dave did such elegant work and made so many creatures with his team, I thought it was important to give them their due.  They made so many monsters.

Shock:  And here’s more “power of the Blu-ray” for you, I finally got to see the angry molesting tree in the film.

Goddard:  [laughs]  Yeah, it happens way fast if you don’t know where to look for it.  The shot it’s in is pretty chaotic in general.  And you can see it molest the guy which I’m proud of.

Shock:  There’s one bit in the movie where we’re in the control room and Tom Lenk can be seen on a monitor holding up some hand-written signs.  What do they say?

Goddard:  It doesn’t quite come through and we tried to boost the transfer, but it didn’t work.  He says, “Help me.  I’m in the utility closet.  A dragon bat has my scent.”  And then the last sign reads, “I’m Ronald the intern,” which delighted me.

Shock:  Did you supervise the creation of what features would be on the disc and everything that usually comes with its creation?

Goddard:  Yeah, I’m pretty anal about it all so I was heavily involved.  People ask me all of the time if there is going to be a director’s cut, too, but this is the director’s cut.  It’s more about making sure what’s there in the movie is protected.

Shock:  I’ve heard two arguments about Cabin.  One group believes it’s the final statement on horror, an end-all-be-all essay on the genre that basically says that there is nothing much more to say about horror.  Another group says this is a celebration of the genre and that horror has a long lifespan.  Where do you fit in here?

Goddard:  I certainly hope and I do not believe the genre will ever die.  That was not our intent.  It was more of celebrating the genre and why we need it.  It was never “let’s make fun of the genre.”  It was more interesting to comment on why we create these mythologies – not just in horror – and stories.  Why do we need to feel the need to scare ourselves?  It seems counterintuitive.  That’s what got at the soul of this movie and we never wanted to say something definitive.

Shock:  Okay, so before we wrap up, let’s look at your Cabin co-creator Joss Whedon who is now in the sack with Marvel and apparently having a blast.  My question to you is this: Which Marvel character would you love to tackle?

Goddard:  [laughs]  What Marvel character would I not love to get on?  That’s an easier question to answer.  I would love any of it and I love Marvel, Joss and what they’re doing.  It’s all about finding the right fit.  Directing…in order to do your job right, you have to find ways to make it personal, and if we can find the right fit, then I would love to do it.

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