Halloween Horror Nights: A Sneak Peek at the Silent Hill Maze


The world of Silent Hill is brought to life in a new Halloween Horror Nights maze that is going to be featured both at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Orlando.

Shock Till You Drop received a sneak peek at Welcome to Silent Hill, a maze that will “cross through the portal of pain from Fog World to Otherworld, where the forsaken town of Silent Hill awaits.  Feel your blood freeze as you come face to face with Pyramid Head, the colossal executioner, armed with an enormous jagged blade. Go under the knives of devilishly disfigured nurses, determined to scar you for life. Struggle for your final gasps of air as the Bogeyman smashes everything in his path with his murderous hammer.”

Head inside for our photo gallery from the tour we were given by creative director John Murdy and a breakdown of what we learned about the maze…

  • The maze will combine elements from both the existing video games and the films, including the upcoming Silent Hill: Revelations 3D.
  • Game developer Konami has been involved in the maze’s creation on an advisory level.
  • Red Pyramid, the Missionary, Bogeyman, Dark Alessa, the Nurses, Colin the Janitor and Robbie the Rabbit all make an appearance in the maze.
  • The soundtrack takes its cue from the games and because there is so much music to draw from, the soundtrack experience may be different for each attendee depending on when they visit the attraction.
  • Various scents will be pumped through the maze, including the smell of blue cotton candy.
  • The maze relies heavily on fog (naturally) and sound effects, including the memorable air raid siren.
  • Howard Blackwood, Silent Hill’s postmaster, will greet attendees in front of the maze.  Be sure to follow @HorrorNights to learn how to score cool prizes from him during HHN’s hours of operation.

Click on the image below for our Silent Hill maze gallery!

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