Exclusive: Sam Raimi Talks a Bit More About That Horror Film He’s Writing


Sam Raimi took us a bit off guard last week when – while out promoting The Possession – he let us know he was writing a new horror film.

In this interview, the director of the forthcoming Oz The Great and Powerful, said, “I’d like to make another horror movie, I’m writing one with my brother right now.  I’m really looking forward to it.”

Naturally, Shock wanted to know more…as did its readers (some of you took to our Twitter and Facebook pages to express your excitement).  So I took the opportunity to ask Raimi more about this project when Shock hit the Hollywood red carpet premiere for The Possession.

“I’m very appreciative to all of your readers,” Raimi said after I informed him of the warm reception his announcement had received.  “I’m beginning to think I should not have said anything because I don’t want to start looking at it from the outside and looking at it analytically.  So, we’re going to keep writing it.  It’s a very simple story about a character, we’re trying to figure out what they want, it’s all of the basic stuff – how they come involved with this darker force.  There’s nothing much to tell [yet], I’ve got a three-page treatment we’re working off of right now.”

Now that Raimi is second-guessing letting the cat out of the bag, I suspect he’ll go on radio silence regarding his next horror effort.

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