Rebecca Hall Looks for Ghosts in Exclusive The Awakening Clip


Cohen Media Group has provided with an exclusive clip from Nick Murphy’s The Awakening, an eerie ghost movie starring Rebecca Hall, Dominic West and Imelda Staunton, which opens in select cities on Friday, August 17th.

Hall plays Florence Cathcart, a paranormal investigator attempting to debunk the numerous ghost sightings throughout England, when she’s called to a boarding house where a young boy has been murdered. The school matron (Staunton) is convinced that the place is haunted and that only Cathcart can put an end to the horrors experienced by the entire staff and students.

Although this exclusive clip may seem like the typical scene of a pretty woman walking through a darkened house that’s seemingly haunted, something we’ve seen quite a few times this year, The Awakening is anything but your typical ghost movie, being a period piece that deals with the reason why ghosts exist and how one woman tries to exorcise her own past by helping others who are haunted.



Look for our review and an exclusive interview with director Nick Murphy next week to learn more about the film.

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