Before Dark Knight Rises, but After Star Trek, Tom Hardy Faced a Minotaur


There are a lot of articles running around the web today looking at Tom Hardy’s pre-The Dark Knight Rises early days of acting.  Sure, news items like this are great for hits…and they’re sort of amusing, too.  Predominantly, the focus of said articles is on Hardy’s turn as a Picard clone in 2002’s Star Trek: Nemesis (a movie I’ve erased from my memory).  

That’s all awesome and good, however, let us not turn our attention away from a creature feature Hardy participated in called Minotaur from 2006, a post-Layer Cake and pre-The Killing Gene release (yes, Hardy was in that latter Dimension Extreme DVD release, too).

The actor shared the screen with the likes of Tony Todd and Rutger Hauer and he worked with director Jonathan English, who brought us Ironclad last year.

Hardy plays a lad named Theo who believes the love of his life is still alive and trapped within a labyrinth after being sacrificed to the eponymous beast.  Theo makes his way into the next round of youths to be offered up to the creature and he goes on a monster hunt.

Check out the trailer…