Zombie-Proof Real Estate is Up For Grabs, Folks


We live in strange times, my friend.  This is a world where people are getting their faces chewed off, thus pushing many to believe that zombies are indeed rising up…or whatever bizarre theory they want to subscribe to.

What genuinely fascinates me is people who make the belief in zombies a lifestyle.  The way they operate day-to-day.  What they do to their homes.  What they keep stocked up in their cellar.  They’ve made it a part of their lives.  And I’m sure seeing news headlines about crazy face-eaters helps them justify their process.

Realtor.com got in on the zombie craze and cobbled together a list of impenetrable homes/fortresses/islands up for sale that you  could hole up in during an undead outbreak.

I’m sure Max Brooks (the writer of World War Z) would weigh in on a few of these and find their flaws.  For the complete list…head to this link.