Text Talk: Shaw and an Engineer Break Down Prometheus Logic


Ah, Prometheus.  The dividing lines have been drawn and you’re either into it or your not.  While The Avengers gobbled up all of the box office cash, Ridley Scott’s anticipated sci-fi summer offering seems to be the one to be gobbling up all of the film discussion.

I mean, everyone appears to agree The Avengers was innocent, big fun with the conversation going so far as to talk highlights (“Remember when the Hulk…?”).  Prometheus, on the other hand, has fueled a lot of heated debate.  Essays have been written, Twitter wars have broken out.  Hell, in the bar I attended Saturday night, a chat about the film’s value to the world of sci-fi/horror kick-started instantly.  

People are getting very passionate about how they feel regarding Prometheus and, this morning, a friend alerted me to a hilarious “SMS Dialogue” between Noomi Rapace’s Shaw character and an Engineer.  Naturally, it’s SPOILER FILLED, so do not proceed if you haven’t see the film – but I think it’s a fine (creative?) example of how people are voicing their opinions – in this case – about the film’s massive logistical flaws.  And doing it in a way that might be a bit easier for the ADD, text-frenzy types out there will understand.

Source: Enchanted Mitten

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