The Lawnmower Man: The Series in Development


Are you ready to see the return of Jobe?  Before you answer that, know that Park Entertainment has packaged, and is trying to find a home for, a television series based on The Lawnmower Man films.  Hmm, sounds like a natural fit for SyFy.

According to Moviehole, Park is pushing its project heavily at Cannes this week and David Titcher (The Librarian) has apparently penned the pilot.

The Lawnmower Man was a feature film, starring Pierce Brosnan and Jeff Fahey, released in 1992 and loosely based on the short story by Stephen King.  

Actually, forget the use of the word “loosely,” the film and short story have nothing to do with one another other than the fact that they both featured a lawnmower man, still, that didn’t stop the distributor from using Stephen King’s name when the film was released.

Directed by Brett Leonard, the film found Brosnan playing a scientist who uses computer technology to turn a simpleton (Fahey) into a genius.  A sequel – The Lawnmower Man II: Beyond Cyberspace – followed, starring Matt Frewer.