Warner Bros. Eager for More Contagion, Sequel Wanted


For a movie about a deadly virus and the panic that it causes, Contagion did quite well at the box office. Granted, it was a strong film with a rather big cast, but still, grossing $135 million worldwide isn’t too shabby.  Now, Warner Bros. is looking to explore that story further…

It’s On the Grid reports Contagion 2 is an open writing assignment at Warner Bros. with the film’s original writer, Scott Z. Burns, serving as a producer.  That means the they’re fielding pitches.

Right now, of course, it’s unknown if Steven Soderbergh will be back to direct – but something is telling me he won’t given his upcoming film slate.  You have to wonder if Warner Bros. is looking to continue this series direct-to-DVD.

Then again, if the writer/script they select is strong enough, perhaps you’ll be seeing more Contagion return to the big screen after all.