Max Landis: Chronicle 2 to Reflect a Changed World


Like most of you who were fans of this year’s found footage flick Chronicle, we are mighty curious to see where its follow-up, Chronicle 2, is going to head in terms of story.

Returning screenwriter Max Landis is the man to talk to about such a thing, of course, and in an interview with, he said a few things that should give you an idea of the tone.  “The movie you saw [Chronicle] in the sequel, is a thing. That edited footage … is a thing. So it’s not like ‘we found this footage after these kids died’. You can’t deny cars being thrown in the air in Seattle. You saw all those helicopters. The world changed. That’s the end of Chronicle. And things are going to be different now. They can’t possibly cover up what happened.”

Landis added that the character Matt will be back for part two:  “I loved Matt, and I felt really bad for him because I understood just how emotionally lazy he is and how he doesn’t really do what he’s doing. And that’s why I’m putting him through hell in [Chronicle] 2.”

The writer says it’s unlikely Josh Trank will return to the director’s chair as he is tied up with larger projects now (like, a Fantastic Four reboot).  He will be involved in Chronicle 2 in some capacity though.