Details, Cover for The Walking Dead Issue #100


Ever since the ever popular The Walking Dead television show, and the completely insane prices that the comics are going for, I wondered how long it would take Image to jump on the variant edition covers for the series. Well, in my opinion, they picked a good place to try it out.

For the 100th issue of The Walking Dead that hits shelves in July it will have a whopping nine different covers for the centennial issue.

Charlie Adlard will be providing the regular cover, a wrap around and a special chromium cover.  In addition to the series artist these high profile names will be contributing to the mix: Todd McFarlane, Sean Phillips, Marc Silvestri, Bryan Hitch, Frank Quitely and Ryan Ottley.

Quite the assortment of artists that will bring something really cool to a special issue.  Inside, you can check out a preview of Charlie Adlard’s wrap around cover but be warned, potential spoilers for the comic series lie ahead.  You’ll get the joke when you see the cover.

Source: Bleeding Cool