Former Akira Director, Former Potential Crow in Line for Here There Be Monsters


One saw his Akira live-action adaptation fall apart (temporarily…maybe).  The other was in talks for The Crow reboot.  Now, they might collaborate on Here There Be Monsters at Legendary, a company high on giant monster flicks right now with the upcoming Pacific Rim and Godzilla.

According to Vulture, Jaume Collet-Serra is in talks to helm the film and Bradley Cooper may star.  According to the site:

Cooper would play real-life Revolutionary War hero John Paul Jones, albeit a much-younger Jones, well before he had famously “not yet begun to fight” the Brits. After he’s stripped of his British naval commission, Jones is hired by a shipping magnate to investigate the disappearance of merchant ships in the North Atlantic, which are used as toothpicks (beak-picks?) by a giant squid.

Robert Zemeckis was last attached to the film.  Collet-Serra – who gave us House of Wax and Orphan – was attached to helm Akira for Warner Bros. until it was put on hold over budgetary concerns.