Halloween Franchise is Seeking Another Home


Let’s offer a bit of clarification on a scoop that hit the web this afternoon.  B-D reports that Platinum Dunes is “in talks” to score the Halloween franchise and work alongside Dimension Films in bringing Michael Myers back to the big screen.  

Yes, we’ve heard this, too.  Early last week, in fact.  Alas, as is the nature of the biz, it’s about being “first.”  I’d prefer to wait until there was solid news to report, but here is what we’ve heard after making a few calls.  

Platinum Dunes is not the only company Dimension Films is taking the Halloween series to.

Essentially, Dimension is fielding interest from various companies…and Platinum Dunes just happens to be one of those contenders.  So, while a Platinum Dunes-produced Halloween film could very well be a reality, it’s all just “talk” right now.

Platinum Dunes, of course, gave us the remakes of A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, The Amityville Horror and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  Pulling Halloween into their stable seems like a logical choice.

As for the “direction” that the series might take, I’m hearing that pitches are being fielded for a straight-up continuation of what Rob Zombie created and another reboot is being considered.

How likely is it that Dimension will partner with Platinum Dunes?  Time will tell.  They already have an established relationship having worked together on Amityville.