Real-Life Blood Drinkers the Focus of Horror Film Bloodloss


Caliber Media, BenderSpink and Simplicity Media are teaming up for Bloodloss, a project that will not only serve as a film but a social media experiment as well.

Before we delve into the latter, let’s explain the film.  

Per Deadline, the story “focuses on a documentary television producer as she investigates her sister’s sudden disappearance into an underground culture of self-proclaimed “vampires” in Los Angeles. As she discovers how these people actually live, their world of sex and drugs is beyond any addiction she has ever experienced.”

The film will essentially be a “faux” documentary mixing actors and real members of vampire fetish clubs.  Jeffery Potts penned the original script; Jason Dolan gave it an overhaul.

Those interested in the film will be able to keep tabs on the production via a strong social media push in which videos, updates and other interactive elements will come into play, allowing followers to “engage” with the characters.