Bekmambetov: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter a Prequel to Night Watch?


Before Wanted and before the forthcoming Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, director Timur Bekmambetov hit the genre scene with the supernatural actioner Night Watch, a visually-stunning adventure that was followed by the sequel Day Watch.  

Based on the novels by Sergei Lukyanenko, the film series was envisioned by a trilogy that would wrap up with the rumored Twilight Watch, however, Bekmambetov is not so certain another film is going to happen.

Since Night Watch and Day Watch, the director has refocused his efforts.  He produced 9, Apollo 18 and The Darkest Hour and is currently in post-production on Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.  Shock caught up to Bekmambetov recently and asked if Twilight Watch will ever become a reality.

“I kind of don’t feel it.  Maybe?  Maybe there will be some new ideas that we can explore.  Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter can be treated as a Night Watch prequel, because it’s what happened before,” he said with a grin.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter opens in theaters June 22nd.  We’ll  have more with Bekmambetov soon.