Review: NECA’s Evil Dead 2 Toys


Toy collectors around the world know the name of NECA. They are an absolute juggernaut of film, video game, and comic toys. They make some of the absolute best toys that have ever been made.

Let me clean the brown off my nose before we continue.

Anyway, NECA has been making some of our favorite classic movies into figures for a while now but recently they’ve been getting licenses for properties that we either have no seen in a while or have never seen at all. If there was any doubt that horror fans were eternally indebted to NECA, that would be settled after their newest releases.

The first wave of NECA’s Evil Dead 2 toys have officially hit shelves and they’re some of the most damn impressive figures I’ve seen. Wave 1 sees the release of “Deadite Ash” and “Farewell to Arms Ash”, pretty self explanatory names if you’re familiar at all with the film.

Deadite Ash has over fifteen points of articulation and is one of the most detailed pieces I’ve seen. His face sculpt is absolutely perfect for the character and the details on his deadite hands are incredible for as small as they are. The paint job on this figure is spectacular, too. The sweat stains on his clothes look perfect on his shirt. But even better than that is his face, the mouth specifically, the gnarled teeth and glossy blood on his gums and tongue are unparalleled.

Even if you don’t think you would want Deadite Ash (why you wouldn’t is beyond me) you’re going to want it after you hear what accessories it has. Deadite Ash comes with the Necronomicon, the severed head of his girlfriend Linda and the dreaded tape deck that got the ball rolling. All of these are just as detailed as the figure itself and look stellar.

Farewell to Arms Ash is even better. While his body sculpt and paint job is almost the same as the Deadite Ash figure, the head sculpt is brand new and looks great. Bruce Campbell has never looked better in toy form. He comes with one of Ash’s popular facial expressions and features some pretty great blood spatter all over.

This figure also comes with great accessories. Including double barrel shotgun, axe, severed possessed hand, and two interchangeable arms, one the possessed hand still attached, the other the wrap upped stump post chainsaw amputation. The arms change over very well between the two and both look great. The only problem with this figure is posing him, it’s hard to get him in a good position holding the shotgun and bracing it on his stump like in the pictures.

These figures are great. They are must-owns for any Evil Dead fans and are very welcome additions to my desk. These two figures are available now and series two of the Evil Dead 2 line should be around in a few months. That wave? It features “Hero Ash” and demon “Henrietta.”

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