Michael Rooker Will Be Back for The Walking Dead Season 3


When Michael Rooker’s “Merle Dixon” disappeared from The Walking Dead, I – and many others – speculated that perhaps his character would be repurposed into The Governor, a new face arriving in The Walking Dead season 3.  

It could work, sure.  But then the comic book purists might get pissed, but fan chatter hasn’t stopped the creative team behind the show before.

Later, however, David Morrissey was announced to play The Governor leaving us to wonder if Merle’s season 2 appearance was the last we’d see of the character.  Well, Rooker was at WonderCon today and he gave attendees an answer.

The Daily Dead reports Rooker announced he’ll be back next year:

“While Rooker didn¬ít go into much more detail, he did mention that he lost 20 lbs for the role.”

Will Merle return once again as a vision of sorts to his brother Daryl (Norman Reedus) or will this be a flesh and blood appearance that finally answers the question: What happened to Merle after he cut his hand off and escaped his rooftop prison of season one?  Will he work for The Governor, perhaps?

What do you think?