Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper Pose for Dark Shadows Photos


More promotional photos have surfaced for Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows.  They’re less “film” pics and more “on the set” cast and crew shots.  This time, however, we’re getting a look at Alice Cooper’s time on the production (the rocker makes a cameo in the film).

And, as you can see, some Dark Shadows series vets make an appearance here as well.  My question: Does Cooper actually wear his signature make-up in the film?

The film is due in theaters May 11th and there’s been a lot of talk that Warner Bros. might quietly dump it into release with very little hype (to date, there is no poster or trailer).  I find it hard to digest that the studio would do that given the names involved.  Also, we’re now entering March; I suspect posters and trailers will kick in later this month.

Source: CBM / IMDb