Shock Video Interview: Stephen Dorff Hits the Brake


Sometime around the beginning of the 21st century, screenplays for high concept thrillers like Phone Booth – Colin Farrell is a man being terrorized in a phone booth – and Cellular – Chris Evans tries find a woman being held captive via a random celphone call – became in hot demand in Hollywood. Then, in 2010, Rodrigo Cortes took the high concept thriller to another level with Buried, sticking Ryan Reynolds in a box and limiting his environment to create far more claustrophobic thrills.

Actor Stephen Dorff has appeared in his share of thrillers, and he now can be seen in Brake directed by Gabe Torres, in which he plays a secret service agent who finds himself trapped in the trunk of a car speeding down a highway while a group of terrorists make threats on his life, that of his wife and even the President of the United States.

Brake acts as a showcase both for Dorff as an actor but also acts as his second film as a producer following Ric Roman Waugh’s Felon.  And those who enjoyed Buried will probably find enough parallels to enjoy what Torres is able to do with very little.

A few weeks back, Shock Till You Drop spoke with Dorff about making the movie, a rather quick-paced chat in which the outspoken actor didn’t hold back his thoughts on other movies, including Buried.

In the video interview below, you can hear Dorff talk about:

  • How he got the script and decided to come on board
  • How long Gabe Torres had the script before Stephen came on board
  • How they kept the project a secret while making it
  • The process of making the movie quickly in less than two weeks
  • Talking about Felon (Dorff’s previous production) a bit
  • Any surprises he got while spending so much time in that trunk
  • How he knew Gabe could pull off such a complicated film
  • Comparisons to Buried
  • Interacting with other actors in the film
  • How he’s avoided typecasting
  • Trashing the comic book movies that have come since Blade
  • Some of the projects he’s producing, including one he wants to do with Jack Nicholson as well as a Western and a documentary
  • He talks about going to Israel to shoot Zaytoun, a new directed by Israeli filmmaker Eran Riklis (Lemon Tree, A Syrian Bride)
  • And more!

Brake is now playing on Video on Demand and will get a limited theatrical release on March 23.