2012 Toy Fair: The Walking Dead Season 2 Toys Are Coming


Well, it seems we’ve got a new tradition to look forward to with everyone’s favorite zombie TV show.  When The Walking Dead season 2 premiered last year we saw the release of action figures both based on the comic book and the television series.

Over at Toy Fair, Mcfarlane has released a tease of what we can expect from the next wave of Walking Dead TV show toys, take a look.

If I had to guess I would say the new Rick Figure (Do we really need another one?) will come with the half torso of the Bicycle girl zombie.

It will be interesting to see what accessories Shane comes with, considering that’s the coolest aspect of the series 1 toys in my opinion.

I’m also curious what “special functionality” they’ll include for the other zombies. I can only imagine the “Well Zombie” will be able to split in half, but the RV zombie? Haven’t a clue, I don’t recall what it did during the show, maybe you can stick a screw driver in it’s eye or something.

Source: Toy Ark