American Horror Story Season 2 Moving to the East Coast?


American Horror Story co-creator Ryan Murphy appeared on Bravo‘s Watch What Happens Live last night where he was questioned about American Horror Story season 2 and what was to come.

Murphy revealed that the setting this time would take place in a “horror institution,” furthermore, the season would unfold on the East Coast.  Jessica Lange is coming back and Murphy is in talks with four returning cast members.

Unfortunately, he did not say who he was negotiating with, but he did say none of them were members of the Harmon family.

Now, going back to this whole “East Coast horror institution” thing.  Could we see the next season heading to New York City, perhaps?  Or the surrounding New England area which has a wealth of spooky locations?  I can’t see the show falling back on the tried and true mental asylum (akin to Session 9).  While, yes, American Horror Story calls upon familiar horror tropes, it always manages to avoid expectations.

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